She took a direct hit in the stomach

Rahim Musa, a 23 year-old Palistinian law student once plotted to kill Israeli soldiers at a check point. She was 15 years old at the time.

Marina Cantacuzino of The Forgiveness Project writes in blog for the Huffington Post:

"The soldiers, believing her to be strapped with explosives, starting firing and she took a direct hit in her stomach. Riham ended up serving a ten-month prison sentence, spending some of that time in hospital having two operations. Her decision to support a non-violent approach grew out of this traumatic event. 'I believe violence breeds violence and there's no choice now for me other than to find another way,' she declares."

"I would rather go sit in prison than go to Iraq."

Patrick Hart, 36, came to Canada in 2005 when he couldn't face another deployment to Iraq.

Though some believe Hart is a traitor, he has no regrets. "I've bled for my country, I've sweated for my country, I've cried myself to sleep for my country — which is a lot more than some people who are passing judgment on me have done," he says.

He and other war resistors - though ready to face the consequences should they be deported - are hoping a new bill - C-440 in the Canadian Parliament - will allow them to stay.

Canada's conservative government has been less welcoming of war resistors than previous governments, says a May 24, 2010 article in USA Today.

The War Resistors Support Campaign was founded online when Jeremy Hinzman, an Army paratrooper, deserted and came to Canada in 2004.

Waging Peace in a World of War

The Meeting House church has started a 7-session study on Anabaptism, entitled  “Inglorious Pastors:  Waging Peace in a World of War.”

"In the sixteenth century a renegade group of Christian leaders rebelled against their own religion.  These dissenters called for the church to separate from the state and to reject all forms of violence.  They waged their war with weapons of peace, and many died for their radical cause of calling Christians back to the way of Christ.  Known as 'Anabaptists”' they dared to think that Jesus should be taken seriously when he taught his followers to turn the other cheek, love their enemies, and do good to those who hate them."

- from The Meeting House site

New study shows non-violence is best and most successful way to change governments

New research by Maria J. Stephan and Erica Chenoweth (HT to Rose Marie Berger writing for Sojourners in the US) on how nonviolence seems more successful than violent strategies in challenging regimes.

The study challenges the conventional wisdom that violent resistance against conventionally superior adversaries is the most effective way for resistance groups to achieve policy goals.

Peace Among the Peoples: Event

Peace Among the Peoples: Overcoming the Logic, Spirit and and Practice of Violence” is an ecumenical peace conference hosted by Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary in Elkhart, Indiana July 28-31, 2010.  Inspired by the World Council of Churches’ Decade to Overcome Violence, the conference will bring together Christians of many persuasions in a focus on contemporary North American responses to war and violence. 

War Resisters Bill C-440 to receive second reading

Canada's War Resisters Support Campaign recently announced that Bill C-440 will receive second reading on May 25, 2010.  Bill C-440 is a private member’s bill moved by MP Gerard Kennedy and seconded by MP Bill Siksay.  If the bill eventually passes 3rd reading and becomes law, it would allow U.S. war resisters to remain in Canada and to apply for permanent residency.

The War Resisters Support Campaign invites Canadians to let their Member of Parliament know of their support for the bill.

Sowing hate and reaping death

– by Rami Elhanan on the eve of Alternative Remembrance Day of Fighter Combatants for Peace.

Shalom and good evening.

My name is Rami Elhanan. Thirteen years ago, on the afternoon of Thursday the fourth of September 1997, I lost my daughter, my Smadar, in a suicide attack on Ben-Yehuda street in Jerusalem. A beautiful sweet joyous 14 year old girl. My Smadar was the granddaughter of the militants for peace, General (Ret.) Matti Peled, one of those who made the breakthrough to Israeli-Palestinian dialogue. And she was murdered because we were not wise enough to preserve her safety in Matti’s way, the only correct and possible way – the way of peace and reconciliation.

Church Produces Peace Play/Dinner Theatre

Floradale Mennonite Church (Ontario) will present "Those Peace Shoes" a play/dinner theatre production about a sister and brother who act for peace in different ways, from April 9 - 11.

The congregation will used the event as a fundraiser to help settle a Palestinian refugee family in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

ChristianWeek Publishes Peace Tax story

"Christians who want less bang from their tax bucks are protesting Canada's military spending by withholding a portion of their taxes this year" says a ChristianWeek story today by Josiah Neufeld.

Check out the full story.

Local Mennonite Churches Call for Peaceful Response to White Supremacist Activity in Calgary

CALGARY - In the wake of violent demonstrations in previous years on March 21, the International Day for the Elimination of Racism, Calgary church leaders are calling for peaceful responses to the rise in white supremacist activity in the city. The Joint Statement of the Calgary Mennonite Churches Concerning White Supremacist Activity in Calgary  issued today calls on Calgarians to “reject publicly and completely the doctrine of racial supremacy and hate” while affirming a belief in non-violence on both the part of white supremacists and anti-racist protestors.

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