Charleswood Mennonite Church rings bells for climate justice

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350DayBellRingersCharleswoodMC350DayOn December 13, 2009, Charleswood Mennonite Church did its “peace in the public square” witness by ringing bells for climate justice. We responded to the call of KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives to join with churches around the world urging world leaders to take bold action to address climate change at Copenhagen.

We decided to respond to this call because we believe that God created the earth for the goodness and well-being of all. Climate change is already harming many poor and vulnerable people in the world; but it is rich folks like us who bear the greatest responsibility for the carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. Climate change is therefore an issue of justice and peace.

We wanted to raise our voices – and ring our bells – to demonstrate that we are committed to climate justice and a more peaceful world for all. In the weeks before the event, we announced to our congregation that we would be participating in the bell-ringing. We urged everyone to bring bells from home. We also made posters and banners to carry so that people around us would know why we were ringing.

On December 13, after our worship service and potluck meal, we bundled up (it was -25 that day!) and gathered in the foyer of our church to pray and to remind ourselves of why we were doing this. Then we headed out the door and walked 12 minutes to a busy intersection. We placed ourselves on all four corners of the intersection and rang all the bells (and other assorted instruments) that we had brought with us.

After about 15 minutes, we walked back the way we'd come. About 45 people of all ages participated in this public witness for peace. The Copenhagen Cathedral rang its bells 350 times that afternoon, as did thousands of other churches around the world. In ringing our bells on a chilly intersection in Winnipeg, we joined Christians world-wide in a call for nations to come together to build a more just future for our planet and its peoples.

Charleswood Mennonite Church rings bells for climate justice

Thanks for the post Esther. Creation care is definitley also a peace issue.