Our act of peace

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 Even though Nov. 14, was past your date for submissions, I did want to record what we had done for our second Peace Sunday on Nov. 14 (We actually had 2 Peace Sundays since Nov. 11 fell between them):


On Sunday, November 14.10 we, the Mississauga Mennonite Fellowship (MMF) welcomed Jeremy Hinzman to speak to us about “peace”.

 Jeremy shared with us how, as a US soldier in the elite 82nd Airborne infantry division, he had applied for conscientious objector status while serving in Afghanistan. When he was refused CO status and learned that he would be deployed to Iraq, he sought asylum with his young family in Canada.

Afterwards, we had an opportunity to ask questions on this often controversial topic in the Mennonite church and in society generally. The morning ended with a potluck lunch for congregants, friends, and guests who had come from the 905 area churches.

As one of its mission objectives, MMF seeks to be an Anabaptist presence in the community - "the regenerated do not go to war".  We hope by initiatives such as this one, that we are.


Submitted by Helen Griebeling ( one of the MMF Lay Group members)