Palm Sunday Peace Walk; Praying with our Feet

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For the last 10 years, our congregation (Stirling Ave. Mennonite Church in Kitchener ON) has held a Palm Sunday Peace Walk, and invited other churches and individuals to join us. Palm Sunday seems a very appropriate day to take peace into the public square. A day when we remember Jesus very publicly riding through the streets of the City - subverting the world’s understanding of power and domination by making his “triumphal entry” on a humble donkey. A day when Jesus wept over the City of Jerusalem saying “If only you had recognized on this day the things that make for peace!”
Our Palm Sunday Peace walk often focuses on a particular issue: refugee rights, poverty, war in Afghanistan, or aboriginal land rights. But the 2010  peace walk was a little different. For the first time, it was incorporated right into our Sunday morning worship service. It was part of a worship series on prayer and the theme for the morning was Praying with our Feet”. We began in the sanctuary and then took our worship into the streets, with brightly colored signs, peace doves, and giant puppets. Along the way, we stopped to sing, pray, reflect and leave chalk drawings of footprints that carried our prayers of peace for our community and for our world.

Submitted by Josie Winterfeld, (Missions, Peace & Justice and Outreach Worker at Stirling Ave. Mennonite Church.)

Pictures by Richard Albrecht and Michael Hostetler

Palm Sunday Peace Walk; Praying with our Feet

Thanks so much, Josie, for sharing this story on the site. And congratulations to Stirling for 10 years of Acting for Peace! I hope your story not only inspires other Acts of Peace - but also instills a sense of rootedness in "why" we choose to commit acts for peace.